Juice Bar

Juice Bar

Visit our Juice bar for some healthy food and protein shakes – made on site.
Ask about our meal prep service.

All Meals Available Now For $10.95!
Add 2 Ounces Of Protein $2.00 Add 2 Ounces Of Carbs $1.50


Order A Minimum Of 10 Meals Receive A Discount $9.50 Per Meal!!!
Special Meals Prepped For Bodybuilding Competitions

Talk With Us About Your Requirements We Will Take Care of Your Meal Plan
Our Juice Bar Is Open Every Day Just For You.

More Than 10 Options All Dairy Free

  • Are You Nuts?: Chocolate And Peanut Butter Combination.
  • Blue Strength:  You Will Not Believe How Delicious Chocolate, Blueberries And Chia Seed Can Be
  • Berry Good: Mix Of Berries, Baobab And Vanilla
  • Chunkey Monkey: Our Favorite Seller Banana, Chocolate And Peanut Butter
  • Energize: Want Some Extra Energy Try Our Magical Mix Chocolate, Banana ,Guarana, Kick Start
  • Green Monkey: The Best Green Shake Ever Banana, Peanut Butter, Kale, Spinach, Vanilla
  • Hangover: For Those Days You Need Extra Push Banana, Strawberries, Beets Juice, Liver Cleanse, Vanilla
  • le  Café : Coffee, Baobab, Chocolate Perfect For Your Breakfast
  • Lean Green: Increase The Green Intake Oats, Greens, Glutamine, Vanilla
  • Morococo: The Amazing Taste Of Spices  Banana, Date, Cinnamon, Almond, Baobab, Vanilla
  • Orangesicle:  Orange, Karbolyn, Vanilla Make Your Day Perfect
  • Pumped: Perfect For After Workout  Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla Protein, Bcaa, Glutamine
  • Power Kick: The Name Say All Banana, Guarana, Elevate Elevor, Chocolate
  • Refresh:  Refresh Your Day With Our Refresh Strawberry, Pineapple And Vanilla
  • Skinny Burn: Even Your Shake Can Help You Burn Some Calories. Pineapple, Baobab , Cla, Vanilla
  • xtacy: Chocolate, Banana, Coconut, Hemp Seed , Surprisely Tasty
  • 50’s Milkshake: Back To The Old Times  Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla

Not Enough Build Your Own Shake
(Pick One Ingredient from Each Category Below)

Carbs: Banana, Oats Or Strawberry
Protein: Vanilla Or Chocolate
Fat: Peanut Butter, Flaxseed, Almond Or Chia Seed
Liquid: Water, Pineapple Juice, Mango Orange Juice, Almond Milk Or Chocolate Almond Milk

Extra Options To Add To Your Shake:

Supplements By Scoop
Pre Workout Protein Bcaa Glutamine
Greens Pump Dilate Creatine Carbs Fuel

Other Extras To Add To Your Shake
Chocolate Chips Goji Berries Almonds
Peanut Butter Shredded Coconut Chia Seed
Walnuts Hemp Seed Banana
Oats Strawberries

Pick Any Of Extra Ingredients To Add A Boost To Your Shake
From An All Natural Source

Bao Bab Rich In Vitamin C, Strong Antioxidant Properties, Reduce The Glycemic Response To Help Reduce Weight. Help Liver Cleanser And Detoxifier. Powerhouse Of Minerals Including Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium And Zinc

Guarana Is Primarily Used To Boost Energy. It Has 2 Times More Caffeine Than Coffee Benas

 Elevate Elever—uplift Your Mood With This Mind Nourishing And Energy Building Tonic Superfood Blend. Elevate Is High In Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, And Many Phytonutrients.

 guarana elevate boboapowderacai

 Special Treats:

Acai Bowl: Amazing Acai Berry Flavour Serve In A Bowl Top With Our In House Granola.
Protein Bar, Protein Bites, Granola Bars And Much More All Made In House Special For You No Preservatives.
Wraps: Rice, Veggies Chicken Or Turkey
Paninis: Organic Pull Turkey Made In House In A Whole Wheat Panini Bun.

**Also Try Our Meal To Go. Check Under Meal Prep Services
All ‘boosts’ and proteins can be found in our Pro Shop

Contact Us For Information About Our Nutrition Program.

Menu 01- Plain & Simple Meal

Nutrional Information: Carbs: 25g – Protein: 30 G   –   Fibrous: 5g

Pick One Options Of Each Category:

Protein: Chicken Breast, Turkey Balls Or Ground Lean Beef
Carbs:  Sweet Potatoes, Yams Or A Mix Sweet Potatoes And Yams
Veggies: Green Beans Or Broccoli
Adds: Extra Protein Or Extra Carbs.  

To Complement Your Meal Get A Protein Bite Or Cookies For Dessert