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Powerhouse Gym in Aldergrove produces Champions

“In April 2015 I started my membership with Powerhouse Gym in Aldergrove. I belong to a competitive sports team comprised of all women, aged 60 yrs and older. To prepare for our upcoming season I began personal training with one of their trainers. Sheldon designed a functional training program appropriate to me, my age, my abilities, and the specific sport I compete in. Having just finished the season with 3 golds, 6 silvers, and 4 bronze medals from the summer competitions, including Canadian Championships and Pan Am Dragonboat Championships, I would have to say, I have never felt stronger. Dennyz Say and Powerhouse Gym have generously sponsored my team by providing a training facility, full memberships for each athlete, and group training to prepare us for the upcoming World Championships in Australia in April 2016. Thank you Powerhouse for all the support, encouragement, and funding for me to pursue my dreams of competing at this level. I look forward to many years of training at your facility.”

– Sharlene Brunjes
Titanium Senior C Women’s Dragon Boat Team

Everything you would need from a gym!

“Starting out at a new gym is often intimidating. When I signed up at Powerhouse Aldergrove, I was greeted with a welcoming and positive attitude. Staff are courteous and talk to you on a personal level.

Powerhouse in Aldergrove is a very clean and well organized gym, and the equipment is all brand new….literally has everything you would need from a gym! They have trainers and a nutritionist on site, and the Pro Shop is stocked with supplements and gym apparel.  Being a bikini competitor, it’s very convenient for me to have all of these things under one roof!

Kudos you guys, you rock!”

– Carleigh O’Leary

Unlike any other gym I have been to…

“This is unlike any other gym I have been to, and by far the best. The staff are welcoming, friendly & knowledgeable. The huge array of equipment makes my gym workouts diverse, fun and no longer just a means of getting fit.

Working with a personal trainer has really pumped up my game, and I have noticed changes physically and mentally.

Thank you Powerhouse!”

– Melanie Whitehead

The equipment is awesome

“My experience at Powerhouse Aldergrove has been amazing! Always clean and well maintained, this facility has everything I want in a gym. The equipment is awesome, and there’s a huge variety of machines, free weights, and the ‘extra’ type equipment to work on my functional fitness and conditioning. Plus the staff are great!! Always super welcoming and helpful! This gym is definitely worth my time driving from Langley.”

– Kandace Carr

You won’t be disappointed!!!

“I have been training at Power House for a while now. In that time, I’ve lost fat, gained muscle and most important found a fantastic gym. The people who work there are extremely knowledgeable, energetic, friendly and welcoming. They also are very encouraging to keep going and finish that last rep to succeed.

From all the gyms I have signed up at, Power House is my ultimate favorite. It has everything you need. During the busy hours, there is still enough room to workout. They have a wide variety of cardio machines that other gyms don’t have. The gym is always kept clean.

Having the Pro-Shop there is very convenient with many different brands and flavors to choose from! The gym has fabulous hours so you can workout at 5am or 11pm!!!

Come and check out Powerhouse gym, you won’t be disappointed!!!”

– Melissa Wright

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