Group Fitness

Excellent professional trainers for your fitness goals!

Powerhouse Gym Aldergrove provides the best in group fitness classes. Each class has its own unique way of motivating your mind and body for the ultimate fitness experience. Whether you are just entering the fitness industry or are seeking the next challenge…  Join one of our many fitness classes today!

With this much space, we have ample room for multiple styles of group fitness classes.

Apart from getting into shape and working out in a group dynamic, enjoy a motivating team atmosphere in one of our many group fitness sessions.

8 Week – Femsport

Functional training involves mainly weight bearing activities that target the core muscles of the abdomen and lower back. Instead of using machines that restrict motion to one direction, functional training uses equipment that calls for freer movement, increasing strength in the stabilizing muscles and improving balance.

YOGA – Hatha Yoga

A great class for new students or those wanting a more relaxed approach to Yoga. This class includes instruction in the basic techniques of pranayama (breathing) and asana (postures). The intention of this class is to gently stimulate, relax and rejuvenate the body, calm the mind and connect to what matters most in life. Instructed by our on-staff CERTIFIED Hatha Yoga Teacher.


YOGA – Trapeze Yoga

The yoga trapeze is a suspension yoga system great for back pain, core strength, functional upper body strength, and balance. Most people are looking to relieve back pain, relieve stress, improve their grip and core strength. If this sounds like you, contact us and book your spot. Must be prepaid.

Build A Bride 8 Week Program

Help Build The Bride To Become The Best Version Of Herself For Her Special Day.   An Exclusive Program Designed For The Bride, Family And Friends Both Male & Female.

Corporate Or Sport Team 8 Week Program

Thru Our Corporate & Sports Team Program We Can Help Build Your Employees Or Players Towards Becoming The Best Version Of Themselves.  This Will Generate Better Work Performance, More Productivity And Working Together As A Whole Unit.    An Exclusive Program Designed For Your Specific Company, Work Environment And/Or Sports Team.

Contact us  for an up-to-date list of our scheduled CLASS sessions, as well as periodic events and classes.